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Last update: 13 Oct 2003

If you contact the vendors, I'd appreciate it if you told them you found them via the Carting with Your Dog web site. Thanks!

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Recent discussions on the Carting-L list have centred on boots for dogs to wear while participating in activities such as carting. A new section has been added that lists some companies recommended on the Carting-L list. As before, a listing here is not an endorsement of the product, but is intended to be a focus point for information.

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Carting Art

Handpainted carting dog watercolors - matted and framed for you. Your breed carting. Pick the load (i.e fruit, milkjugs, puppies.....) and any special touches (spot over eye, or black mask etc) See web site for samples and pricing information.

Click on pictures for larger images.
Berner Carting Dog Carting

Direct Book Service
Wenatchee, WA USA 98807-2778
phone: 800-776-2665
fax: 509-662-7233

Their Dog & Cat Book Catalog lists a section on carting. No idea if the items listed are any good.

Dog-Powered Sports
Petscape Inc.
7100 Rutherford Road
Baltimore, MD 21244
Phone: 800 866 4074
Fax: (410) 298-9695

We sell equipment for Dog-Powered Sports and are the exclusive North American Distributor for the Sacco Cart. We will soon have a discussion forum on our site as well. We are a good source for Dog-Powered Sport enthusiasts.

Dog Works Inc.
Beth Ostrander
Stewartstown, Pennsylvania
800-787-2788 fax: 717-993-3698

Good carting video, plus lots of equipment and knowledge.

PO Box 24361
Seattle WA 98124
phone: 206-381-3610

Dog scootering is team work. The dog runs and pulls the scooter. The human stands on the scooter and scoots with her free foot. In Australia and Europe dog scooter teams race each other. In the U.S. dog scootering is still a new sport.

Lisa Ebnet
5026 Elder Rd
Ferndale, WA 98248

The carts have been used by many in competition as well as over all utility. Light weight and customizable.

Graham Carriage Works - Canine Carriages
4636 S.E. 30th
Portland, Oregon 97202

Has an interesting picture of a "sulky" type cart being pulled by a German Shepherd Dog.

Guardian Angel Carting Club
Kathy Gibson
317 Delsol Lane
Lewiston,Idaho 83501

Many different types of carts available.

Hannibal Kennels
Peter & Allan Maniate
RR 2
Little Britain, Ontario, Canada
K0M 2C0
Res/bus 705-786-2511; fax 786-0198

Custom made leather carting harness, carting leashes, shoulder packs and dog carts. Located one hour northeast of Toronto.

7597 Latham Road
Lodi WI 53555-9526
PH. (608) 592-4397

Whether your interests involve competitive sports such as weight-pulling, sledding, lure coursing, schutzhund, hunting trials, etc. or recreational sports such as backpacking, bicycling, or jogging, we have products which will assist you in your goal.

It's a Dog's Life
Susie Cooper
fax/phone +61 3 5345 8283 anytime (Australia)

Jalynn Kennels
Lynda and Al McFadden
R.R. #3
Creemore, ON L0M 1G0

Custom carts. Al made the cart that is pictured on the main page on this site.

K-9 Sulkys
P.O. Box 2746
Anaheim, California 92814
phone/fax 714 758-9906

Established since 1982, K-9 Sulkys have been the cart of choice for those that want to enjoy the great outdoors and have fun with their dog! The K-9 Sulky was developed and designed with the comfort and safety of your dog in mind.

Lots of photos at this site!

Reima Kutila

Pet carts. Note that site is in Finnish (I think)

Leader of the Pack Canine Services
5539 No Name Rd.
Guemes Isl. WA. 98221
(360) 293-3634

Sacco cart vendor

Miniature Wagons
Walter Neugent
6 Charles Ave.
Westerly, RI   USA   02891
phone: 401-596-7507

Miniature Wagons makes a Parade Cart and a Training Cart from wood. You can get custom versions built.

The Moriah Company
9595 N. 6800 W.
Tremonton, UT 84337-8605
(435) 257-2570

The Moriah Company offers the finest in handmade leather canine goods. Included in our product list is a full line of leather leads and harnesses, including carting harnesses.

New England Draft Adventures
Shiela Blanker and Kathy Barry
456 Mt. Hermon Station Rd.
Northfield MA, 01360
phone: (413) 498-4341

They carry books, harnesses, travois, pulks, couplers, drag bars, booties and sponsor workshops for the draft dog enthusiast.

Newfoundland Saddlery & Leather Ltd.
383 Duckworth
St. John's, NF
Canada     A1C 1H7
phone/fax: 709-753-3661

Makers of the traditional Newfoundland-style cart harness shown on the Pyr on the main page. They also offer a two-wheeled cart. Ask for their catalogue.
Russ and Kim Boyle
Phone 603-355-4950
Fax 603-358-9961

The web site features pictures of their custom-built carts and dogs, prices, and contact information.

Nordkyn Outfitters
P.O. Box 1023
Graham, WA 98338
phone: 253-847-4128 fax: 253-847-4108

The web site features an online catalog, including pictures of carts, prices, and the names of dealers world-wide.

Northern Industries
Toll free number is 1-800-533-5545 7 days a week / 24 hours
Web Site:

The web site features an online catalog, featuring several different wagons that can be converted to dog-powered vehicles.

Perry Greene Outfitters
Phone: 207-832-5227 Fax: 207-832-6182

We carry the Sacco Cart from Norway for carting.

Pondside Toys
Pondside Toys
P O Box 908
Blenheim On Canada

Carts for toy dogs.

Regal Sulkies
PO Box 229,
Padstow, 2211 Australia
Ph: +61 2 9707-3411     Fx: +61 2 9707-3629

An ideal cart for both miniature horses and medium to large dogs, the Regal Mini weighs a mere 39 pounds (17.8 Kg) and yet includes fully independent suspension by Koni Special 'D' adjustable shock absorbers. The combination of light weight, high strength and independent suspension gives an easy draft to the animal and a smooth ride to the driver.

Resha Sled Dog Equipment
Jeanette Hunkins
Box 101
Lewis Run, PA
USA     16738
Phone/FAX: (814) 362-3048

Amongst other items, they carry carting harnesses and Sacco carts. They do wholesale as well as retail. Catalogs: $1 (refundable with order)

Sacco Carts
Uninor AS,
Hovland, N-4370
Eigersund, Norway
Tel: +47 51 46 24 00
Fax: +47 51 46 24 01

Manufacturer of the Sacco Dog Cart (in Norway).

Sierra Kennels
Steve & Vicky
28790 North Moose
Spirit Lake, Idaho
USA     83869
p: 208-623-6242
f: 208-623-6243

SierraKennels specializes in building wheeled carts for training your dogs during the off season or when there is no snow.

Wilczek Woodworks
1786 Broomstick Hill Rd.
Littleton NH 03561
p: 603-444-0824

Wagons, carts, harnesses and an interesting looking Starter Kit.


This section lists some companies recommended in discussions on the Carting-L list regarding boots for dogs involved in physical activity.

Dog Scootering

Dog Scootering involves your dog pulling you as you ride a scooter. No shafts involved, but apparently a lot of fun.

The is an email list dedicated to this activity called DogsLovetoRun. You can sign up at

Daphne Lewis


Scootersport is the official Canadian distributor for Jones Sports Scooters. These extreme downhill scooters are bullet-proof, tough and the superior design makes them the ideal dog scooter.

Other Links

The companies listed here make products that may be of interest to those involved with draft work, etc.

Harnesses By Carol

Harnesses custom made for dogs involved with weight pulling i.e.; IWPA, ADBA, ABA, ABNA, AADR, ISDRA

Welcome to - There's something for everyone who loves dogs - from the person who's dog's only job is to keep the couch warm to the person who is a serious obedience, schutzhund, or conformation competitor.


Love Newfs is proud to offer you this fabulous first-to-market innovation... the TWISTEP™... definitely a "must have"! The clear advantage of TWISTEP™ over ramps is ease of use – it takes just one hand to twist to use in seconds! No lifting, storing, or setting up required.

The TWISTEP™ is an innovative new product designed to provide easy access in and out of SUV’s... No more lifting your Newf.

Animation of Twistep

Note that inclusion in this list does NOT represent an endorsement of the company or its products in any way. This list is provided strictly as a service.
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