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Danica being pulled by Sam

Last update: 07 May 2000

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07 May 2000 Added description of converting an Ames Planters Wagon, courtesy of Cheryl Reehill.
24 Apr 2000 DaphneWorks changed to DogScooter, with a new email address, on the Vendors Page.
20 Apr 2000 Carl and Sue Meinzinger are now Leader of the Pack Canine Services on the Vendors Page. They have a new web site, too.
11 Apr 2000 Added Regal Sulkies to the Vendors Page.
09 Apr 2000 Added picture of Queen Lilith of Sur-Grip to the Photo Gallery.

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    We got interested in carting when we had a dog big enough to pull a cart. We'd seen it demonstrated at some pet exhibitions, and it looked really neat. Sam, a Great Pyrenees, got his first taste of pulling in the winter of 1995. We bought a cheap harness at a pet store and hooked him up to a toboggan. He pulled our daughters around the backyard a few times.

    We didn't do much after that, until June of 1996. The Bernese Mountain Dog Club of Ontario (BMDCO) put on an Introduction to Carting Workshop and we took Sam. He seemed to like it, which was what we wanted to see. Shortly after the completion of the workshop, we got invited to take part in a parade. We borrowed a cart and harness from a friend (thanks, Toni!), and Sam pulled our daughters along the route.

    There seems to be a growing interest in carting as a dog activity, even with small dogs. Small dogs can pull smaller carts with teddy bears as passengers, and it's a neat entrance for therapy visits. The larger dogs, of course, can actually help out with moving items, giving rides, or just get some extra exercise by pulling a cart.

    Unfortunately, there are few online resources that provide any information on carting. This page will hopefully tie what little is out there together, and prompt other interested people into making contributions. If you would like to add something, please send me e-mail at the addresses at the bottom.

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    Thanks go to the following people for their help and suggestions: Colette Wilson, Toni Davies, Peggy Flockhart, Jim Wright, Al McFadden, Nick Cipp, Walt Parsons, Maria Worley, Martha Rall, and the many others who have contacted me via this page or via the carting-l mailing list. And, of course, thanks to Sam!
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